Trip to Ta Ping Shan
Ta Ping Shan National Park
Second Day
Ta Ping Shan

The following day we went to Ta Ping Shan park proper.

We've got many hiking routes and a train line!

One has to drive up to 2000m above sea level...

... and take the train.

It was getting cold

Spooky fog came and went.

After 15 minutes ride, we got to our starting point.

Grumpy Leszek ( had to wake up at 7 )

The place is famous for its giant cypress trees.

When Taiwan was part of Japan, the Japanese built this train line to have a convenient way to transport the cypress trees.

Misty Mountains

I didn't expect it to be so cold over there. In Taipei 25 degrees, over there - 8 and raining.

Marvellous landscapes!

We are standing on one of the peaks.

Another route.

The path leads along a destroyed train line. This way 100m high cypress trees went to Japan to be used in construction of Shinto temples.

We went all the way till the end.

My favourite picture :)

After we came back, we had nothing else to do but wait for the train to take us back down.

Finally it came.


We were one of the last visitors.

Tired, but happy !

Typically Taiwanese gesture.

Looks kinda like Disneyland :)

After the train, we drove to a lake hidden deeply in the mountains.

Elevation 2300m

Here, even 2301,6 m :)

Plain weirdness